First of all, I would like to thank to all of those who, despite all the loud voices and malitious comments, continue to trust other methods of treatment besides traditional ones, which in many cases do more harm than good.

I am sorry to inform that due to the very large number of requests we have received, we have exhausted the stocks of plants and at this moment can no longer honor any demand. Unfortunately, my wish to do well has turned into a circus, and for this reason I will have to give up, at least for the moment. To conclude, I have a few questions which I hope would fiind the answers in the following decades:

  • What profession shell have to have the first one who will describe the etiology of the disease and heal the first patient. Which profession should he belong to?
  • How many patients will need to be cured by a new technique to convince the medical world?
  • Who will be affected if, by a simple, inexpensive and drug-free treatment, patients can heal?
  • Who has the moral right to judge the one who claims the disease can be healed and proves it?
  • What will happen to the one who does that?
  • What motivates, at the moment, the acceptance of a helpless medical system that brings so much pain and what causes the rejection of natural therapy?
  • Why it is impossible to discern what is right and true, and why the same risky and wrong path is followed?
  • Why are visionary accused and condemned, while the incapacity and superficiality is glorified?
  • Why people who apply natural or alternative therapy methods are judged and condemned by those who should help them?

    The contact information will not be displayed on the site because they are no longer relevant. However, the information will remain, because the world needs to know that there are other methods, and maybe someone, who is not subject to group interests, will have the power and the desire to continue.

    Ing. Marin Giurea


  • Lupus Eritematos

    Cell Metabolism disorder, reversible, with special type immune response (antibodies, antiARN, antiADN, ANA) gave by a thyroid dysfunction. Thyroid dysfunction is induced in the body by:



    Psoriasis it's a disease being characterized by the appearance on the skin surface of the squamouses eruption zones. We can ask these questions:
    •   Why these eruptions appear?
    •   How can we help our body to get rid of the disease forever?
    •   There are other  ways beside synthesis allopate medications which can heal(cure)?
    There are two essential causes for a disease as psoriasis to manifest:
    1.   A cause which triggers the disease and then vanishes
    2.   And one that sustains the disease during its manifestation.  

    .