Dear Patient,


Please, read the following instructions carefully as they contain important information about what needs to be heeded and respected throughout the entire cure period in order to defeat the disease.
The merit of healing is yours.


  • Composition and action

Herbal tea remedies contain herbals with detoxifying, depurative, antiallergic effects, strongly remineralizing and vitaminizing the body, also having peripheral vasodilatatory, hemoglobin correction, immunosuppressive/ immunomodulatory effects, antidiabetes effects (in people who are under corticotherapy).
AMEC herbal therapy supports and undertakes elimination of the causes maintaining the disease.

  • Presentation

Paper bags with different amounts of minced dry herbals with dry hay and flowers specific flavor.
Can be used according the recommendations presented below, within 2(two) years from date of packing.

  • Indications

Herbal therapy is indicated in collagenosis (SLE, CLE, DLE), psoriasis, food allergy or respiratory conditions.

  • Contraindications

Practically there are no contraindications.
The herbals contain natural substances that interact with the body, recognizing and using a certain required amount at that moment.
The quantity of unused active substances does not accumulate nor store in the body, being removed out of the organism.
To be cautiously applied in people with gallstones or kidney stones with a diameter larger than 5 mm.

  • Precautions during cure

Throughout the whole period of use of tea herbal therapy the patient will respect the diet/ regime required by medication.
The consumption of alcohol, vinegar, chilly pepper, carbohydrated drinks, animal fat (lard, bacon) is prohibited.
In the case of hypersensitive reactions (massive toxin elimination) the dose of herbs put in water shall be decreased until the reactions disappear, then the treatment is resumed with increasing doses, gradually in time, at the bearable limit.

  • Interaction

There are no interactions. It does not creating addictions.
The herbal treatment can be done in parallel with any allopath medication.
It does not induce other diseases.

  • Dosage

The maximum dose to start the treatment is 1(one) tablespoon of herbal tea to 1.5 liters of water.
Dosage can be adapted individually depending on the degree of disease.

  • Duration of usage

Cure is achieved until the moment when toxin concentration reaches the null percentage (0 value), irrespectively about one year after the disappearance of disease symptoms (in psoriasis) or until four consecutive medical test results periodically demanded by the physician are negative.

  • Usage/ indications for the patient

1. Boiled tea (the tea shall be boiled for 3-4 minutes).
2. Tea powder mixed with propolis and honey - only in patients who are restricted to liquid consumption.

  • Usage/ recommendations for the physician

The natural therapy shall be done for several months along with the drug treatment administered at the beginning of cure. The drug treatment is to be reduced gradually till discontinuation, depending to the general condition of the patient and on the repeated negative results of specific tests which initially diagnosed the disease.

  • Overdose

There are no cases of overdose known.
Regardless concentration or quantity used the herbal tea is non toxic.

  • Negative side effects

There are no side effects.
Such natural herbal cure can be used by anyone regardless of age, sick or healthy.
The tea can be used with prophylactic and curative purposes.

  • Storage

The tea shall be stored in paper bags (or sealed glass jars) in dry and dark places.


Ing. Marin Giurea


Lupus Eritematos

Cell Metabolism disorder, reversible, with special type immune response (antibodies, antiARN, antiADN, ANA) gave by a thyroid dysfunction. Thyroid dysfunction is induced in the body by:



Psoriasis it's a disease being characterized by the appearance on the skin surface of the squamouses eruption zones. We can ask these questions:
•   Why these eruptions appear?
•   How can we help our body to get rid of the disease forever?
•   There are other  ways beside synthesis allopate medications which can heal(cure)?
There are two essential causes for a disease as psoriasis to manifest:
1.   A cause which triggers the disease and then vanishes
2.   And one that sustains the disease during its manifestation.  

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