I stand today and look back to the darkest period of my existence. I remember well nights and days when, alone with the disease and suffering, I pray to get find a remedy to the disease which daily grind my powers. And, if I ever find it, I will tell the entire world .  I want the ones like me, suffering and without hope, to learn it is possible that the dream of healing is a reality. 

The question is now: Who am I?

My name is Marin Giurea, I am 57, was born on 17 february 1953, I graduated the University of Agriculture and I am an engineer. I was diagnosed with systemic lupus erythematosus in the year 1984, forced by illness, I gave up my job, moving to a job in the medical field-assistant laboratory, qualifications obtained above that of an engineer. 

For six years I followed the medical treatment known. Desperate, when I read about my disease and that there is no cure, I considered that I am the first and only sick with this diagnosis and no one can help me.

I started investigations into abandoning everything wrote about this disease (disease collagen), by the disease from another position, and i.e., the natures remedy. Since the world exists, people have been sick, and maybe by collagen,which did not have access to the current drugs, have resorted to the only remedies offered by nature. We have been borne healthy and is not only a natural order of things and only nature can order and control. 

Few events have helped me in smarten up the cure. In the window of a drugstore I have found a book on Medicinal plants and nature therapy, dusty, of which one of the drugstore staff could not remember. From this book I have chosen different plants with therapeutic results and I harvested plants with which I was to make the therapy. I was, however, hesitantly, because I did not knew how or with what to start. The answer came when the two girls of mine, wishing to help me, have mixed in their child play these plants, placing them in three sacks. 

I started with these premixtures, convinced that I will make it. The day before I have read a phrase from a book: "I will send two angels and what they will show you, that you must do! I considered that the two angels are the two girls mine and mixtures of plants are the foundation of the treatment, and not the treatment with each plant. My health has begun to improve, the articular and muscle pains stopped and eight months after, I had the first skin rash, the disposal of toxin. Another five rashes followed at different intervals of time, on a smaller surface and much easier to bear. 

Since 1991 I don't have any symptoms of disease, and I consider myself a healed man. I've asked the following questions: HOW I helped the immune system and the body so that the disease to be eliminated? There are other options for restoration of health beside chemical? 

Another event made me turn in my research toward endocrine causes. In a piece of work, my former professor of Biochemistry at University, Ion Brad, demonstrate that the Shroud of Turin which belonged to Jesus is authentic. Is it real and easy to understand that Jesus suffered physicaly, but the most powerful suffering was the spiritual. In such imminent stress, the body eliminate toxins which, in time through oxidation with air, turns in different colours. A parent whose child was in Treatment with plants told me that he saw he's children contour on the freshly washed bedclothes, spread to dry. What actually happened? By sweat, the child eliminated a very large quantity of toxins, which has been flooded in the textile fibre. After washing, in the presence of the detergent and the air, it oxidized, turning in brown - silver colors, and in the sunlight, watched from a certain angle, the solar refraction, gave the child image.

So I started the study collagens and gave them a new definition. Another question that I ask is why during the disease the specific antibodies appear? The answer came also by chance, when I found an article in a magazine about the lisosomal crisis and the cellular hunger.  It remained another problem, namely, the rashes. Again, from a magazine article I split a page that remained for a long time as a sign in an album of photos of healed patients. It is an article about acupuncture and the implementation points for it.Watching the pictures, I realized the patient rashes during the treatment represented only images of organs affected by disease.

Last question to which I had to answer was on how to use the corticoid. The answer came from an endocrinology treaty where,on the thyroid, they specify: for persons affected by thyroid diseases, in which we know about losing their thyroid hormones, we administer preventive Prednisone, in order to preserve them. I imagined the human body as a complex of forces, arranged in concentric circles, with stronger energies inside and weaker in the outside circles (the atomic model or rings of Saturn). Disease appears in the centre (nucleus) and, as it aggravates, chronic, the body retreats, fighting toward outer layers charged with weaker energy, the disease becoming even more dramatic. To stimulate a body to fight the disease, we should introduce quantities of energy (quanta) corresponding with the one the body lost under stress, so it release the flow of blocked energy.

The treatment means, in fact, a quantum leap comprised of new forms of energy on the outside inwards, the organism defeating the illness. In all this research, apart from study, intuition and chance, it was a God who has helped.I consider my mission completed and made available to patients collagen the conclusions we reached. It is now their turn.
I tried to make public such research and I realized that, for now, not with the disease I fought, but with the medical system. 

What reasons determined, at present, the acceptance of a helpless therapeutic system, which brings so much suffering and pain and what reasons determine the rejection of natural therapy?

Why is impossible to decide what is right and true and why we choose the same wrong and risky way? 


Lupus Eritematos

Cell Metabolism disorder, reversible, with special type immune response (antibodies, antiARN, antiADN, ANA) gave by a thyroid dysfunction. Thyroid dysfunction is induced in the body by:



Psoriasis it's a disease being characterized by the appearance on the skin surface of the squamouses eruption zones. We can ask these questions:
•   Why these eruptions appear?
•   How can we help our body to get rid of the disease forever?
•   There are other  ways beside synthesis allopate medications which can heal(cure)?
There are two essential causes for a disease as psoriasis to manifest:
1.   A cause which triggers the disease and then vanishes
2.   And one that sustains the disease during its manifestation.  

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